Beam College 2024

Save the date for 23-25 July, 2024.

Improve your skills on data processing through a flexible hands-on training and practical tips provided by experts. Join the free workshops and learn how to use Apache Beam from concept to common, use cases and best practices. 

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Beginner track: Dive into Data Processing

Are you new to data processing? Looking to dive into machine learning and AI? Learn how Apache Beam’s open-source, unified programing model can enhance your skill sets for batch and streaming processing within one week. During this track, you’ll learn about various use-cases for Beam to get real-time results. Follow along with this easy-onboarding program to learn the basics of data processing with Beam and stick around for certification in our advanced streaming track.

Intermediate track: Hands-on Apache Beam

Take an Apache Beam pipeline from conceptualization to code with our intermediate training opportunities. Learn how to write and run batch pipelines with the help of our Beam College training program. Our instructors will showcase real examples that coincide with the Tour of Beam toolkit: try various examples, do exercises, solve challenges, and ask for support in real-time during this week-long program.

Advanced track:
Graduate to Streaming

Apache Beam provides the flexibility to express business logic once and use it for both batch and streaming data pipelines, either on-premises via OSS runners or in the cloud via managed services such as Google Cloud Dataflow. Get hands-on training for advanced streaming concepts with Apache Beam and gain Google certification through BeamQuest to showcase to employers, colleagues, and more. During this event, instructors will provide step-by-step support and real-life examples as you learn about data processing as a key part of ML workflows. Take your training to the next level by completing BeamQuest certification.

Previous recordings

This is just a glimpse of the sessions from our previous season. For the full list of sessions please visit the Apache Beam Youtube channel.

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